Thursday, 29 July 2010


Following my impromptu shoot for the Guild of Erotic Artists earlier in the year, I took part in another collaborative effort with a bit more planning at the Event Day in May.
Richard J Smith is a renowned artist who is best known for his wildlife paintings - particularly those of fish! Richard is also accustomed to working with a different style of canvas, and doubles as an experienced and talented body-painter. He had asked me to model for his body-painting sessions several times before, but I had always needed to dash off straight after the event, and so couldn't be covered in paint for the rest of the day. However, I planned ahead so that I could participate in his demo at the Guild Event Day in May, without having to worry about getting messy.
I had suggested to Richard that I would like to be painted with a theme in mind, and because music is so close to my heart, I wanted some form of musical instrument. We settled on a saxophone, and Richard brought along reference material to create the art-work, which took about an hour to paint in total.
Once the painting was complete, Dave A Davies set up the lighting and we then did a photo-shoot featuring Richard's art work. Richard was keen to 'get in on the act' and my absolute favourite image from the shoot is the one with the artist in the image because it represents to me a three-way collaborative effort. I think it's lovely to acknowledge Richard's work by featuring him in the picture, and the final result reminds me of a Jack Vettriano painting - (my favourite artist).
I had also taken my violin along to add to the musical theme. It isn't the first time my violin has featured in a photo-shoot at the Guild, this photo is from another shoot with Dave about six years ago. It's one of my most popular images of all time, so I was happy to bring it along again for a reprise.

All images copyright of Dave A Davies.

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