Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Raunch Factor

I'm back from Scotland (and the weather finally cleared up enough to enable a photo-shoot on the last day - which I'll hopefully upload here soon).

You might have noticed my new background and avatar, courtesy of some photos I've just received from a shoot last month with John Tisbury. (If you are not familiar with John's work, then head on over there and feast your eyes). I've always been an admirer of John's work. Not only is the lighting always stunning and the technical aspect of his photography is spot on, his post-processing is recognisably 'Tisbury' and you can usually spot one of his photos just from a thumbnail. But more so than the technical skill required to produce images like these, I absolutely love John's treatment of the subject matter. His tag-line is 'sensual, provocative, erotic,' and I think he has hit the nail on the head with this description. If you've read other entries on my blog, you can't have missed my references to the 'Guild of Erotic Artists' (John is another member, by the way).

'Erotic' is a term that is generally fraught with danger, misconceptions and preconceived prejudices. It is open to all sorts of interpretation. Many confuse the term 'erotic' with 'explicit' but within the gernre of erotic art, this shouldn't necessarily be the case. I would argue that, as a woman, the work that I personally find visually stimulating tends to be art without everything on show. The eroticism is the part that's left to the imagination; the bit you don't see; or the 'blank you have to fill' with your mind. I'm not a fan of photos which display rather intimate parts of the anatomy. Frankly, I can't think of anything less arousing. In fact, I've often wondered if that is the difference between men and women. Do men enjoy viewing porn that leaves nothing to the imagination, while in contrast, women prefer to use their imagination? I don't know, you tell me.

Anyway, I've always enjoyed creating erotically charged, provocative imagery that is not pornographic. Working with John allowed me to push some of my own boundaries, knowing I would be working in a safe environment to do so.

This is a very small selection of images, as we did several sets on the day. Some are more traditional art nude, and others have a definite erotic edge. There are more to come, watch this space.

All images copyright of John Tisbury

Thursday, 26 August 2010

A quick update

Well, I've been quiet on my blog recently.
This is mostly because I'm still awaiting some really exciting photos from several shoots. (The anticipation is killing me!).
I've also started writing several things for this blog, including advice for new models, 'the definition of art nude,' and all sorts of rants about various things connected with the industry, but somehow, I have yet to publish the new posts. I always worry that there is no tone of voice when I write, and I don't want to come across as arrogant or irate in black and white, so I often write things and then return to read them later and read between the lines to check that there is no possible way to misinterpret what I've written.

I'm up in Scotland at the moment, mostly visiting friends but hopefully, weather permitting, I will also find the time to hop about in nature, and I might even find a photographer to record the event.

In the meantime, here's a couple of photos from a group shoot in Wolverhampton a few weeks ago. The shoot took place in an amazing location - a disused railway station which had several stunning rooms in varying states of disrepair, some covered with graffiti, and some crumbling gracefully with time. All were absolutely covered in soot and brick dust! I have never been so totally covered in grime in my whole life, but there were several very keen and talented photographers present at the event, as well as some stunning fellow art nude models, so it was worth getting covered in dust for the day. I haven't actually seen many of the images from the shoot (this can happen with group shoots - you meet many wonderful people on the day and never find out their name or where to find them!), but I have managed to round up a couple to show you here.

This one is by 'Steve,' to whom I apologise because I don't even know Steve's last name! However, I found this image on a website and emailed him to ask permission to use it on my blog. So here it is along with a link to Steve's profile on web-models. I think it shows the location to wonderful effect.

And this one is from the 'graffiti room,' where I understand that the design is changed every few weeks by a graffiti artist. This was kindly sent to me by David Lowe, whose name I do know, but where to find him online, I do not. Thanks David!
I uploaded this previously to one of my random uploads, but I think it deserves a proper mention here.
'It's Behind You'
By David Lowe

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fashion Nudes

I managed to pick up a last-minute shoot locally to me last Saturday with the very charming Richard Lund. Richard is based just around the corner from where I used to hang out as a teenager, and is a grand total of about 10 minutes away from my home in Chesterfield. He also has a stunning portfolio which combines the look of high fashion with an erotic edge.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Richard, we came up with some great ideas together. His work also took me in a slightly different direction, as in general, I am far more comfortable as an art-nude model. It rarely occurs to me that I can also pull off fashion photography, but Richard's style is a kind of combination of the two, and I found myself really enjoying working in a slightly different area.

I'd describe these images as 'fashion nudes,' and it's a genre I would definitely like to develop more in future. There were hundreds of images from our shoot, but these are just a few to be going on with. (There's even a clothed one).

Images copyright of Richard Lund

Friday, 6 August 2010

One of those days!

Following yesterday's key losing incident, in which I was forced to cancel a shoot at the last minute because I lost my car keys... well, the saga just got worse from there!

Last night, I waited for a locksmith who was due at 7pm and turned up at 9.30pm. After almost an hour, he declared that the new key would work with the boot, the petrol cap, and the ignition, but not in the doors. And that'll be £120 please. I argued him down to £100 on the grounds that a key that doesn't actually open the doors is not really the finished product.
Anyway, I was at least left with a car that starts, which is a good thing, as I also had a shoot booked today (not to mention the fact that I needed to get back from Hertfordshire to Chesterfield).

So, this morning, I got ready for today's shoot, picked up my 'modelling bag' and (as predicted) sod's law kicked into action. I found the keys that had been lost yesterday. I had searched THROUGH the bag, opened every zip, rummaged through etc. But the keys were lodged under the pull-up handle that (because the bag hadn't been used since returning) had not been pulled up. Typical.

So, then I went to the car and figured that it would be nice to use the original key that works with all the doors and locks, and put the key in the ignition. And the car won't start. Tried the new key. Car still won't start. Called the locksmith. By using the OLD key, I had inactivated the key code on both keys, so was then back to square one, needing to depart in 20 minutes. (If only the locksmith had simply said, 'if you find the old key, don't use it!!!')

The only locksmith available to come out at short notice said they could be there in an hour and quoted £150.

They arrived in an hour and a half and reprogrammed both keys.
I was two hours late for the shoot, but I did get there eventually - tail between my legs.

So, at least I have a spare car key now, for the bargain sum of £250.
Not to mention yesterday's cancelled shoot (which I will hopefully be able to reschedule), and today's half completed shoot (which the photographer very generously did pay me half the agreed fee for, despite my offer not to take it), so all in all it has not been the best couple of days.

I really hate it when fate takes over, and deals you a rotten blow. I hate the feeling of time passing and not being able to control the situation because it is simply out of your hands.
I'm now trying to see the funny side, but at the moment I'm still a bit sore.

On a brighter note, here is a quick pic from a recent shoot near Sheffield with Peter McLean.
Rather fittingly, it looks a bit like I am lost in a moment of prayer, and I have spent the last two days praying for things to turn around.

Anyone else ever had 'one of those days?'

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Self Portraits

I've had a really frustrating day today.
I was due to do a photo shoot which has been booked for several weeks. This morning I got up to get ready for the shoot, and as I was just about to head out of the front door, I was unable to find my car keys. I searched until it became impossible to get to the shoot on time, and then was forced to ring the photographer to say that even if I found them, I would be ridiculously late. They never did turn up. I can't understand what on earth can have happened to them in between entering the house yesterday, and leaving the house this morning - but they have most definitely, mysteriously vanished and I'm now awaiting a locksmith to come and replace the key for £125. Sigh.
As a model, I offer a 'no risk guarantee' which states that if I ever cancel a photo shoot on the day, I will offer another shoot free of charge. I have never had to use it until today, but I suppose you just can't plan for everything. The photographer was very understanding, but I still feel frustrated and angry, and I really hate to let people down - particularly for no good reason! I suppose the keys will turn up somewhere ridiculous in six months time, and I will no doubt see the funny side. I'm still struggling to find this funny at the moment! I can't really afford the additional expense or loss of work at the moment, either. Hey ho.

Anyway, this puts me in mind of some self-portraits I took earlier this year, when I was generally 'in a darker place.' Don't worry, I snapped out of it pretty quickly, but I find the process of taking self-portraits somewhat cathartic, particularly when in a heightened emotional state (whether high or low). Fear not, I am not a crazy person - I'm just an artist, and we all have our moments. These are not intended to be 'beauty shots,' I wanted gritty, grainy realism. (Yes, I'm not even sucking my stomach in!) They were taken in my then-unfinished bathroom which was in the process of being renovated. It's finished now, but I hope the incomplete surroundings add to the emotional rawness of these photos.

You can also view some other self-portraits I took earlier that I'm particularly proud of, just to prove that my work isn't always quite so anguished.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Few Remaining Randoms

These photos are from various shoots throughout 2010 so far, and I think this brings my blog up to date with images. There have been other shoots, but I don't always get photos back from paid shoots. I hope I haven't forgotten any.
Hopefully this brings me up to date so from now on, I will update my blog as and when I receive new photos, and it will always be current.
Keep watching this space, as I have done some really exciting shoots lately and am eagerly anticipating new images from them!

By ASN Photography
(From a group shoot at Bright Lights studios)

'Bare Naked Reflections'
By EYM Cheng

'Back to the Seventies - Retro Nude'

'Forest Glade'

Footie Farce

The Guild of Erotic Artists celebrated its 8th Anniversary in June.
Unfortunately, the date clashed with England's rather dismal final performance in the World Cup, and the event was consequently not very well attended.
Despite this, I did manage to fit in a short shoot with Dale Strickland Clark which you can view here. I also have another shoot booked with Dale in the very near future.
Those who did attend the event day watched the match on a small TV in 'The Barn,' and I threw in some half time entertainment.
These shots are intentionally tongue in cheek, and I think - given the outcome of the World Cup - summarise pretty well the feelings of most people watching England's performance this summer!
I love creating images with a touch of humour, and I hope these might make you chuckle - it was a much better way of spending the time rather than watching the match. ;-)

(I particularly love the image on the screen in the above one - says it all, really!)

Images by Dave A Davies
Not exactly portfolio worthy, but please view them in the spirit in which they were intended,
just a bit of fun!

Ode to the Rape Seed Field

Ah, the first signs of summer. Throughout Britain, the fields turn yellow, and photographers everywhere can be found flocking in droves to shoot in the rape seed (canola, for our American friends who can't quite get their head around this particular homonym). You can barely drive past a field in flower without finding a bare naked lady prancing around in front of a camera lens. ;-)

So yes, it's been done before. But with good reason, because you can't really go wrong shooting in rape seed. So, this year was no different - in fact I ended up shooting in local rape seed fields several times. It was always going to be difficult to better the version I created with Dave A Davies a few years ago (see here), and as I've mentioned before, I'm always reluctant to create the exact same concept twice.

This year, I'd already shot in the rape seed with my clothes on (can you believe it?) as mentioned in a previous blog entry. I also shot in rape seed several more times this year, and tried to do something a little different each time.

I did another shoot for the Guild of Erotic Artists at their event day in May (the same day I also did the saxophone body painting shoot). I kept it fairly simple, based on the idea that you really can't go wrong with a nude lady in a rape seed field. These are a few shots by different photographers from the shoot. It's a bit like a game of 'spot the difference.'

I also shot in the same field with Liteangle on a different occasion. I tried to give a different 'feel' to this version, rather than repeat the same look, and the post-processing is by myself to reflect that. Image below.

This wasn't the last time I shot in the rape seed this year. I waited for it to go to seed, and the poppies came out, giving me a whole different concept: Poppies
I still have more ideas for shoots in the rape seed fields, so I expect I'll be flocking to the fields again next year!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Last Minute in London

I often pick up last minute photo shoots, sometimes on the day of the shoot, or the night before. I enjoy the spontaneity of being available at the last moment. These shots are from another short notice shoot in Kennington, South London by T Pryse-Hawkins.
Some were shot using natural light and others using studio flash. We only shot for about an hour, so all in all it was a very productive shoot to get results in such a short space of time.
I find the odd short photo shoot quite refreshing - it certainly focusses the mind!

Sunny St Albans

In May I attended a group shoot in St Albans, one of my home towns (I split my time between there and Chesterfield). I did this particular shoot as a way of networking and meeting people, as it was just around the corner from me. It was nice to meet other local photographers and models, and I used the opportunity to publicise 'the renaissance of ERosanne' in case word had not yet got around that I'm still on the scene after being abroad for a while. Best of all, it turned out that there are some great locations, not two minutes walk from my Hertfordshire home, that I had somehow never heard of or visited!
We shot in a derelict pool which had fallen into disuse, as well as the ruined nunnery around the corner which turns out to be a great location for a shoot, and also a lovely place for a picnic. I've no idea why I've never heard of these local treasures, but I was happy to discover them.

I shot with four different photographers on the day, all of whom were a pleasure to work with.

(Post-processing by me)

(Post-processing by me)

All images copyright of the stated photographer.