Monday, 26 July 2010

Bandage My Brokenness

Over the years, I have done many shoots with Dave Collier (Mugshots UK).
Shoots with Dave are always enjoyable, and we've produced a wide variety of images (such as 'Tesselation' from a shoot in 2007, 'Beam Me Up' in 2005, 'Let Me Rest' from 2004).
I particularly enjoy working with a concept in mind, and for our last shoot together in June, Dave had brought along a tube of bandage. I had a lot of fun posing with this simple idea, and the subject matter provided some expressive images that I had fun creating.
I think there are more from this series, and I hope to eventually compile them into a collage like this one, entitled 'Musical Chairs.'
In the meantime, here are a couple of favourites from our most recent shoot with the bandages.
You can find more of Dave's photography on his website (linked above) or on his deviantArt account.
'Bandage My Brokenness'


All images copyright of Dave Collier

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