Monday, 2 August 2010

Sunny St Albans

In May I attended a group shoot in St Albans, one of my home towns (I split my time between there and Chesterfield). I did this particular shoot as a way of networking and meeting people, as it was just around the corner from me. It was nice to meet other local photographers and models, and I used the opportunity to publicise 'the renaissance of ERosanne' in case word had not yet got around that I'm still on the scene after being abroad for a while. Best of all, it turned out that there are some great locations, not two minutes walk from my Hertfordshire home, that I had somehow never heard of or visited!
We shot in a derelict pool which had fallen into disuse, as well as the ruined nunnery around the corner which turns out to be a great location for a shoot, and also a lovely place for a picnic. I've no idea why I've never heard of these local treasures, but I was happy to discover them.

I shot with four different photographers on the day, all of whom were a pleasure to work with.

(Post-processing by me)

(Post-processing by me)

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