Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Manor House

Back in March, I had a really great shoot, one that I partially credit with restoring my passion for modelling this year.
It had been a particularly long and cold winter, and perhaps for this reason, it had been a while since I'd done any shoots (and certainly nothing outdoors!). I was working in London at the time, and I'm really not much of a city girl, so maybe this combination of factors had contributed a little to a slight state of melancholy at the time.
Anyway, I was asked if I would be interested in shooting for the day at a beautiful English Manor House in the country, by a photographer who (though British) was visiting the UK from Texas. Obviously, I jumped at the chance, and a very productive day it was, indeed!
Nick (the photographer) is a great guy, and I was also privileged to meet the owner of this awesome estate, who is also a budding photographer. Graham was very welcoming and his home is not only outstandingly beautiful, but it is full of wonderfully tactile textures and evocative smells. There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of an open wood burning fire, the creak of an old wooden stairway, or the feel of a cold stone statue.
Perhaps it was because it was the first location shoot I had done in a while. Perhaps it was because the sun shone in through the window and brushed my skin for the first time since winter. Whatever the reason, I came away from the shoot feeling elated and passionate, and since then have thrown myself back into my modelling with a great deal of gusto!

These photos are by DraigTX, you can visit his website for more of his work here.

'Lady of the Manor'

'Manor House'

All images copyright of Draig Photography

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