Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Peak of the Peaks

I begin my image uploads with a recent photoshoot in the Peak District.
I'll gradually be uploading all my images from shoots this year, and I was going to do them in chronological order, but I just can't resist showing off this set which showcases the beauty of the Peak District.
I think it's particularly appropriate to begin with these, because I have recently relocated to Chesterfield. I'm originally from 'around these parts,' but have been living further south for years. Although I've also retained my southern base for the time being, I have 'returned to my roots' in the north, and I just love being back in the countryside! The Peak District is particularly beautiful, with jaw-dropping views and stunning landscapes.
This set of images was taken only about 12 minutes drive away from my home, and I think I can guarantee more trips to the Peak District in future.
I did, however, manage to get spotted on numerous occasions on this session! The set on the rocks with the blue cloth held aloft ('Rolls Royce' and 'Wild Blue Yonder') I managed to flash not only a double-decker tourist bus, but also a passing police car! Oops! I was later spotted by an entire group of tourists who had previously remained unnoticed as they were silhouetted against the sun (which means I would have been VERY visible to them!). It was only when their voices carried on the wind, and I distinctly heard the words, 'look - over there,' that I realised we had an audience. Next time I shoot in the Peak District, I will be looking for somewhere a little more private!
Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this two day sojourn into the countryside with the photographer Jamie (Phoenix555), and you can view more of his images on his Red Bubble profile here.

'Risk Factor'

'Rock Recline'

'Solitary Moment'

'Rolls Royce'

'Nature's Monument'


'Wild Blue Yonder'

'Bridging the Gap'

'Within the Waterfall'

'The Peak of the Peaks'

'Sky Priestess'

All images are copyright of Phoenix555

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  1. Simply SPECTACULAR !!!!!! You take my breath away !!!!!!