Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Renaissance of ERosanne.

OK, I give in.
The call of the blog has been yelling too loud, and I have finally caved in and set up my own.
2010 has been something of a renaissance for me in terms of my modelling career. I have been modelling for (ahem) 'quite some time' now, sometimes more actively than others, but it seems that this year has marked a return to an old passion, and I won't be giving up modelling any time soon! So I am celebrating a particularly productive time in front of the camera by setting up this blog to showcase new images, and who knows, probably vent the odd rant!

I juggle many different careers and identities. I am a professional singer and actress (under a different name), a semi-professional photographer (under another name again) and an art nude model. I frequently wish that I could combine all my identities into one - it would make life so much easier! But unfortunately, there are good reasons I don't mix my various personas, and consequently, I have to do a lot of identity juggling! I would love to be able to talk openly about my other careers under this pseudonym, but for reasons explained on my website, this blog will largely be about my career as a model, and my experiences connected with that.
This means that I will frequently be uploading new photos from photo-shoots, and writing about my thoughts on art and photography. I've enjoyed the odd rant recently, too. Being opinionated is simultaneously my best quality and my worst fault, so the chances are that I will find something to rant about in the near future!

I've decided to showcase my most recent work here. My online profiles (and particularly my main portfolio) represent almost a decade of photoshoots. I can't bring myself to cull older images, because they represent the diversity of looks I can achieve, and every image is special to me. I realise that my look has changed from time to time over the years, but I still feel that all my photos are representative of what I can achieve in a photoshoot tomorrow. I know that some photographers prefer to see only the most recently taken photos in a portfolio, so they can be sure that what they see is what they hire! For that reason, I will be using this blog to upload my most recent work, to clear up any discrepancy about what I currently look like.

I'm also excited about being able to showcase more images from a shoot, because I generally only pick two or three from a single shoot for use on my portfolio. Here, I will be able to showcase more of my favourites, as it seems such a shame that some great photos never get to be seen. I will be uploading images from photoshoots taken this year - 2010. I have a slight backlog to make up for over the next few weeks, and then I will continue uploading new shoots as and when they happen. I won't be uploading anything older than 01/01/10. For those, you can seek elsewhere, but I'm excited about the opportunity to show off this year's work, some of which I like to think, has been my best yet.

Ever since the clock struck midnight marking a new decade, it has been a strange year for me. It hasn't exactly worked out the way I intended, that is for sure (so far, at least) but it has allowed me a remarkable opportunity to express myself in front of the camera, and I do love to create a lasting moment, so I am incredibly grateful for this form of expression.

I'm writing this assuming that most folks who find it will be doing so via one of my portfolios or profiles and already know who 'ERosanne' is. For those of you who have stumbled across this with no prior knowledge, then welcome! You can find out more about me via the various links associated with this blog.

I look forward to meeting like minded artists, models, photographers and those who appreciate the former-mentioned - in a virtual sense, at least.


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