Monday, 19 July 2010

Long Overdue!

Having said I'll upload all my photoshoots from 2010 onwards, this is proving to be quite a dilemma! Partly because there are a lot of them, and partly because I simply can't decide what to upload next!
So, I think it is fair to say that whatever I upload, there is no particular rhyme or reason for the order, it will just be a case of whatever I come across next on my hard-drive.
This set are from a long overdue photoshoot with the incredibly talented Dave Hare back in April. I say long overdue because I had wanted to work with Dave for years. I have met him many times, and had even visited his house to pick up art-works for an exhibition, but somehow (despite the fact we used to live only about a mile apart) I had never actually worked with him.
Dave and I are both members of the Guild of Erotic Artists and because I was familiar with his work, I had a good idea of his style and what would work with his lighting. I had already planned an outfit for our shoot together which I thought would work with his style, and I was really pleased with how the images turned out. I just love the cat-suit (the performer in me adores dressing up in costumes), and I think the marks made by the corset add an additional dimension to the nudes we shot afterwards.

'Feline Wiles'


'Closet Nudist'

All images copyright of Dave Hare.

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