Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blue Belle

I still have a lot of catching up to do, to upload all my images from 2010, and ideally I want to get this blog up to date before I start getting new images back from shoots I have lined up, so that I can keep it current.
I'm going to be away in Oxford all weekend, so I may upload more than one set today in an effort to get up to speed.
The following set is from a shoot with Mike Crawley in the bluebell woods near Watford. We managed to catch the woodland while the bluebells were at their best. We were also incredibly fortunate to discover a ready constructed shelter, right in the centre of a carpet of bluebells, and it made a really beautiful setting to shoot in! I would love to take credit for its construction, but we were just lucky.
I had in mind some ideas for this year's bluebell shoot to make it a little different to ones I've shot in previous years, and one of those ideas was to create a 'fairy set' of photos. I've done some of the post-processing myself on some of these images to create a sort of hand-coloured sepia effect.

'Woodland Maiden'

'Blue Fairy and Woodland Nymph'
(Post processing of 'Blue Fairy' and compilation by myself,
post processing of 'Woodland Nymph' by Mike Crawley)

'Haven of Blue'

'Woodland Shelter' (monochrome)

'Woodland Shelter'

'Bluebell Blue Belle'

All images copyright of Mike Crawley - Photofrenetic

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