Thursday, 29 July 2010


Following my impromptu shoot for the Guild of Erotic Artists earlier in the year, I took part in another collaborative effort with a bit more planning at the Event Day in May.
Richard J Smith is a renowned artist who is best known for his wildlife paintings - particularly those of fish! Richard is also accustomed to working with a different style of canvas, and doubles as an experienced and talented body-painter. He had asked me to model for his body-painting sessions several times before, but I had always needed to dash off straight after the event, and so couldn't be covered in paint for the rest of the day. However, I planned ahead so that I could participate in his demo at the Guild Event Day in May, without having to worry about getting messy.
I had suggested to Richard that I would like to be painted with a theme in mind, and because music is so close to my heart, I wanted some form of musical instrument. We settled on a saxophone, and Richard brought along reference material to create the art-work, which took about an hour to paint in total.
Once the painting was complete, Dave A Davies set up the lighting and we then did a photo-shoot featuring Richard's art work. Richard was keen to 'get in on the act' and my absolute favourite image from the shoot is the one with the artist in the image because it represents to me a three-way collaborative effort. I think it's lovely to acknowledge Richard's work by featuring him in the picture, and the final result reminds me of a Jack Vettriano painting - (my favourite artist).
I had also taken my violin along to add to the musical theme. It isn't the first time my violin has featured in a photo-shoot at the Guild, this photo is from another shoot with Dave about six years ago. It's one of my most popular images of all time, so I was happy to bring it along again for a reprise.

All images copyright of Dave A Davies.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Collaborative Efforts

I have been a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists since 2004, where I have met and worked with some wonderful photographers and artists (including several whose work is already featured in former blog entries, such as Dave Hare, Mike Crawley and Dave A Davies).
The Guild holds an event day once a month on a Sunday, and whenever I can, I attend the event days. More often than not, I'll hold a quick photo-shoot or demo-session for those photographers and artists and attending. Over the years, I've modelled for several themed photo-shoots, been body cast by the extraordinarily talented Ken Clarke producing some beautiful sculptures, and have had paintings or drawings either created there and then, or produced later from photographs.
One of the things I enjoy about working with the Guild is the collaboration between like-minded artists, as I love creating art in different forms of media.
Earlier this year, I attended my first event day in years, having been abroad for some time. It was wonderful to catch up with some familiar faces, and I also threw myself back into the swing of things by volunteering to do an impromptu photoshoot at the Guild's home, Beaumont Hall Studios in St Albans.
Several photographers took part in the shoot, which took place first of all inside the studio on a black background using improvised available lighting (as we hadn't thought to bring a flash kit on the day), and then outdoors where I made use of an old wheelbarrow that had caught my eye.
These images are both results of the Guild Event Day in March.

This image is my favourite from the day, taken by the Guild's official photographer,
Rik Franks. (Copyright of Rik Franks)

'Rosie Glow'
Oil painting by John Stevens, based on a photograph by Rik Franks.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Living The High Life

People often ask me what I do in my spare time. For the past year I have been renovating my new house in Chesterfield, which is progressing gradually and beginning to look like the home I have in my head! So when I'm not working, I'm generally doing DIY up a ladder, frequently wearing a pair of grubby decorator's overalls and (if it's hot) a bikini underneath.
I spend a lot of time up ladders, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to climb one recently in a studio in Kennington for a shoot with Stuart Bentley. It's like home from home!

'Living the High Life'

Image copyright of Stuart Bentley

Bandage My Brokenness

Over the years, I have done many shoots with Dave Collier (Mugshots UK).
Shoots with Dave are always enjoyable, and we've produced a wide variety of images (such as 'Tesselation' from a shoot in 2007, 'Beam Me Up' in 2005, 'Let Me Rest' from 2004).
I particularly enjoy working with a concept in mind, and for our last shoot together in June, Dave had brought along a tube of bandage. I had a lot of fun posing with this simple idea, and the subject matter provided some expressive images that I had fun creating.
I think there are more from this series, and I hope to eventually compile them into a collage like this one, entitled 'Musical Chairs.'
In the meantime, here are a couple of favourites from our most recent shoot with the bandages.
You can find more of Dave's photography on his website (linked above) or on his deviantArt account.
'Bandage My Brokenness'


All images copyright of Dave Collier

Summer Makes Me Smile

Following on from bluebells and poppies, I can't resist uploading this lovely summery image from a shoot in Hertfordshire in April. There were several more images from this shoot, but it would appear that I have put the CD containing the images 'in a safe place.' This does not mean it is lost, just that I can't locate it at the moment - this is a recurrent theme in my life. It will turn up, eventually, in the place I least expect to find it.

'Summer Makes Me Smile'

Image copyright of HertsPhoto

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Poppy Fields

Staying with an 'outdoors in nature' theme, enough with the blues, and onto this year's poppy fields. This was a shoot near Mosborough, on the border between Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.
I have worked with the photographer Dave A Davies almost too many times to count, and we have even shot poppy fields before. However, we try never to recreate the same shot twice, so this year I wanted to shoot in the poppies, but create a different atmosphere to our previous efforts. One of our poppy images from a couple of years ago even received a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt, (if you're not a member of dA, try this link instead) so it was going to be hard to create a better version! So, rather than recreate the same feel, we went for something darker and more atmospheric.
This is a series of three images that are intended (I hope) to evoke an emotion. Post processing is by myself and is in three different styles to compliment the 'feel' of each photo.

'Black Widow'



All images copyright of Dave A Davies

Blue Belle

I still have a lot of catching up to do, to upload all my images from 2010, and ideally I want to get this blog up to date before I start getting new images back from shoots I have lined up, so that I can keep it current.
I'm going to be away in Oxford all weekend, so I may upload more than one set today in an effort to get up to speed.
The following set is from a shoot with Mike Crawley in the bluebell woods near Watford. We managed to catch the woodland while the bluebells were at their best. We were also incredibly fortunate to discover a ready constructed shelter, right in the centre of a carpet of bluebells, and it made a really beautiful setting to shoot in! I would love to take credit for its construction, but we were just lucky.
I had in mind some ideas for this year's bluebell shoot to make it a little different to ones I've shot in previous years, and one of those ideas was to create a 'fairy set' of photos. I've done some of the post-processing myself on some of these images to create a sort of hand-coloured sepia effect.

'Woodland Maiden'

'Blue Fairy and Woodland Nymph'
(Post processing of 'Blue Fairy' and compilation by myself,
post processing of 'Woodland Nymph' by Mike Crawley)

'Haven of Blue'

'Woodland Shelter' (monochrome)

'Woodland Shelter'

'Bluebell Blue Belle'

All images copyright of Mike Crawley - Photofrenetic

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bright Lights

I've done a couple of group shoots this year at Bright Lights studios in Draycott, near Derby.
Group shoots seem to be more popular in recent years - possibly as a result of the recession, as it is a good way for photographers to split the cost of hiring a model and a studio with others, whilst still gaining access to good facilities and quality models.
It can be a challenge, trying to maintain variety of poses and originality whilst working with several photographers within a short space of time, but it is a challenge I enjoy (keeps the brain working!)
The following shots were a wonderfully pleasant surprise to me, because I don't always expect to see photos from these group shoots, so it's an added bonus to me when a photographer takes the trouble to send or show me photos from our shoot.
I worked with Paul Turri at one of the group shoots at Bright Lights, and he was kind enough to send me some images from the day. I was really pleased with how these turned out, as they represent to me a very accurate portrayal of 'how I see myself.' There were so many great images from this shoot that it was hard to choose favourites, so here are just a few. You can see more of Paul's photography (without the banners across the images) here.
(I no longer have the piercings visible in these photos).

'I Am What I Am'

'Window Dancer'

'The Pianist'

'Window Dancer 2'

'That's The Way It Is'


All images copyright of Paul Turri

Monday, 19 July 2010

Long Overdue!

Having said I'll upload all my photoshoots from 2010 onwards, this is proving to be quite a dilemma! Partly because there are a lot of them, and partly because I simply can't decide what to upload next!
So, I think it is fair to say that whatever I upload, there is no particular rhyme or reason for the order, it will just be a case of whatever I come across next on my hard-drive.
This set are from a long overdue photoshoot with the incredibly talented Dave Hare back in April. I say long overdue because I had wanted to work with Dave for years. I have met him many times, and had even visited his house to pick up art-works for an exhibition, but somehow (despite the fact we used to live only about a mile apart) I had never actually worked with him.
Dave and I are both members of the Guild of Erotic Artists and because I was familiar with his work, I had a good idea of his style and what would work with his lighting. I had already planned an outfit for our shoot together which I thought would work with his style, and I was really pleased with how the images turned out. I just love the cat-suit (the performer in me adores dressing up in costumes), and I think the marks made by the corset add an additional dimension to the nudes we shot afterwards.

'Feline Wiles'


'Closet Nudist'

All images copyright of Dave Hare.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Manor House

Back in March, I had a really great shoot, one that I partially credit with restoring my passion for modelling this year.
It had been a particularly long and cold winter, and perhaps for this reason, it had been a while since I'd done any shoots (and certainly nothing outdoors!). I was working in London at the time, and I'm really not much of a city girl, so maybe this combination of factors had contributed a little to a slight state of melancholy at the time.
Anyway, I was asked if I would be interested in shooting for the day at a beautiful English Manor House in the country, by a photographer who (though British) was visiting the UK from Texas. Obviously, I jumped at the chance, and a very productive day it was, indeed!
Nick (the photographer) is a great guy, and I was also privileged to meet the owner of this awesome estate, who is also a budding photographer. Graham was very welcoming and his home is not only outstandingly beautiful, but it is full of wonderfully tactile textures and evocative smells. There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of an open wood burning fire, the creak of an old wooden stairway, or the feel of a cold stone statue.
Perhaps it was because it was the first location shoot I had done in a while. Perhaps it was because the sun shone in through the window and brushed my skin for the first time since winter. Whatever the reason, I came away from the shoot feeling elated and passionate, and since then have thrown myself back into my modelling with a great deal of gusto!

These photos are by DraigTX, you can visit his website for more of his work here.

'Lady of the Manor'

'Manor House'

All images copyright of Draig Photography

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Peak of the Peaks

I begin my image uploads with a recent photoshoot in the Peak District.
I'll gradually be uploading all my images from shoots this year, and I was going to do them in chronological order, but I just can't resist showing off this set which showcases the beauty of the Peak District.
I think it's particularly appropriate to begin with these, because I have recently relocated to Chesterfield. I'm originally from 'around these parts,' but have been living further south for years. Although I've also retained my southern base for the time being, I have 'returned to my roots' in the north, and I just love being back in the countryside! The Peak District is particularly beautiful, with jaw-dropping views and stunning landscapes.
This set of images was taken only about 12 minutes drive away from my home, and I think I can guarantee more trips to the Peak District in future.
I did, however, manage to get spotted on numerous occasions on this session! The set on the rocks with the blue cloth held aloft ('Rolls Royce' and 'Wild Blue Yonder') I managed to flash not only a double-decker tourist bus, but also a passing police car! Oops! I was later spotted by an entire group of tourists who had previously remained unnoticed as they were silhouetted against the sun (which means I would have been VERY visible to them!). It was only when their voices carried on the wind, and I distinctly heard the words, 'look - over there,' that I realised we had an audience. Next time I shoot in the Peak District, I will be looking for somewhere a little more private!
Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this two day sojourn into the countryside with the photographer Jamie (Phoenix555), and you can view more of his images on his Red Bubble profile here.

'Risk Factor'

'Rock Recline'

'Solitary Moment'

'Rolls Royce'

'Nature's Monument'


'Wild Blue Yonder'

'Bridging the Gap'

'Within the Waterfall'

'The Peak of the Peaks'

'Sky Priestess'

All images are copyright of Phoenix555

The Renaissance of ERosanne.

OK, I give in.
The call of the blog has been yelling too loud, and I have finally caved in and set up my own.
2010 has been something of a renaissance for me in terms of my modelling career. I have been modelling for (ahem) 'quite some time' now, sometimes more actively than others, but it seems that this year has marked a return to an old passion, and I won't be giving up modelling any time soon! So I am celebrating a particularly productive time in front of the camera by setting up this blog to showcase new images, and who knows, probably vent the odd rant!

I juggle many different careers and identities. I am a professional singer and actress (under a different name), a semi-professional photographer (under another name again) and an art nude model. I frequently wish that I could combine all my identities into one - it would make life so much easier! But unfortunately, there are good reasons I don't mix my various personas, and consequently, I have to do a lot of identity juggling! I would love to be able to talk openly about my other careers under this pseudonym, but for reasons explained on my website, this blog will largely be about my career as a model, and my experiences connected with that.
This means that I will frequently be uploading new photos from photo-shoots, and writing about my thoughts on art and photography. I've enjoyed the odd rant recently, too. Being opinionated is simultaneously my best quality and my worst fault, so the chances are that I will find something to rant about in the near future!

I've decided to showcase my most recent work here. My online profiles (and particularly my main portfolio) represent almost a decade of photoshoots. I can't bring myself to cull older images, because they represent the diversity of looks I can achieve, and every image is special to me. I realise that my look has changed from time to time over the years, but I still feel that all my photos are representative of what I can achieve in a photoshoot tomorrow. I know that some photographers prefer to see only the most recently taken photos in a portfolio, so they can be sure that what they see is what they hire! For that reason, I will be using this blog to upload my most recent work, to clear up any discrepancy about what I currently look like.

I'm also excited about being able to showcase more images from a shoot, because I generally only pick two or three from a single shoot for use on my portfolio. Here, I will be able to showcase more of my favourites, as it seems such a shame that some great photos never get to be seen. I will be uploading images from photoshoots taken this year - 2010. I have a slight backlog to make up for over the next few weeks, and then I will continue uploading new shoots as and when they happen. I won't be uploading anything older than 01/01/10. For those, you can seek elsewhere, but I'm excited about the opportunity to show off this year's work, some of which I like to think, has been my best yet.

Ever since the clock struck midnight marking a new decade, it has been a strange year for me. It hasn't exactly worked out the way I intended, that is for sure (so far, at least) but it has allowed me a remarkable opportunity to express myself in front of the camera, and I do love to create a lasting moment, so I am incredibly grateful for this form of expression.

I'm writing this assuming that most folks who find it will be doing so via one of my portfolios or profiles and already know who 'ERosanne' is. For those of you who have stumbled across this with no prior knowledge, then welcome! You can find out more about me via the various links associated with this blog.

I look forward to meeting like minded artists, models, photographers and those who appreciate the former-mentioned - in a virtual sense, at least.