Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Collaborative Efforts

I have been a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists since 2004, where I have met and worked with some wonderful photographers and artists (including several whose work is already featured in former blog entries, such as Dave Hare, Mike Crawley and Dave A Davies).
The Guild holds an event day once a month on a Sunday, and whenever I can, I attend the event days. More often than not, I'll hold a quick photo-shoot or demo-session for those photographers and artists and attending. Over the years, I've modelled for several themed photo-shoots, been body cast by the extraordinarily talented Ken Clarke producing some beautiful sculptures, and have had paintings or drawings either created there and then, or produced later from photographs.
One of the things I enjoy about working with the Guild is the collaboration between like-minded artists, as I love creating art in different forms of media.
Earlier this year, I attended my first event day in years, having been abroad for some time. It was wonderful to catch up with some familiar faces, and I also threw myself back into the swing of things by volunteering to do an impromptu photoshoot at the Guild's home, Beaumont Hall Studios in St Albans.
Several photographers took part in the shoot, which took place first of all inside the studio on a black background using improvised available lighting (as we hadn't thought to bring a flash kit on the day), and then outdoors where I made use of an old wheelbarrow that had caught my eye.
These images are both results of the Guild Event Day in March.

This image is my favourite from the day, taken by the Guild's official photographer,
Rik Franks. (Copyright of Rik Franks)

'Rosie Glow'
Oil painting by John Stevens, based on a photograph by Rik Franks.

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