Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Footie Farce

The Guild of Erotic Artists celebrated its 8th Anniversary in June.
Unfortunately, the date clashed with England's rather dismal final performance in the World Cup, and the event was consequently not very well attended.
Despite this, I did manage to fit in a short shoot with Dale Strickland Clark which you can view here. I also have another shoot booked with Dale in the very near future.
Those who did attend the event day watched the match on a small TV in 'The Barn,' and I threw in some half time entertainment.
These shots are intentionally tongue in cheek, and I think - given the outcome of the World Cup - summarise pretty well the feelings of most people watching England's performance this summer!
I love creating images with a touch of humour, and I hope these might make you chuckle - it was a much better way of spending the time rather than watching the match. ;-)

(I particularly love the image on the screen in the above one - says it all, really!)

Images by Dave A Davies
Not exactly portfolio worthy, but please view them in the spirit in which they were intended,
just a bit of fun!

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