Friday, 6 August 2010

One of those days!

Following yesterday's key losing incident, in which I was forced to cancel a shoot at the last minute because I lost my car keys... well, the saga just got worse from there!

Last night, I waited for a locksmith who was due at 7pm and turned up at 9.30pm. After almost an hour, he declared that the new key would work with the boot, the petrol cap, and the ignition, but not in the doors. And that'll be £120 please. I argued him down to £100 on the grounds that a key that doesn't actually open the doors is not really the finished product.
Anyway, I was at least left with a car that starts, which is a good thing, as I also had a shoot booked today (not to mention the fact that I needed to get back from Hertfordshire to Chesterfield).

So, this morning, I got ready for today's shoot, picked up my 'modelling bag' and (as predicted) sod's law kicked into action. I found the keys that had been lost yesterday. I had searched THROUGH the bag, opened every zip, rummaged through etc. But the keys were lodged under the pull-up handle that (because the bag hadn't been used since returning) had not been pulled up. Typical.

So, then I went to the car and figured that it would be nice to use the original key that works with all the doors and locks, and put the key in the ignition. And the car won't start. Tried the new key. Car still won't start. Called the locksmith. By using the OLD key, I had inactivated the key code on both keys, so was then back to square one, needing to depart in 20 minutes. (If only the locksmith had simply said, 'if you find the old key, don't use it!!!')

The only locksmith available to come out at short notice said they could be there in an hour and quoted £150.

They arrived in an hour and a half and reprogrammed both keys.
I was two hours late for the shoot, but I did get there eventually - tail between my legs.

So, at least I have a spare car key now, for the bargain sum of £250.
Not to mention yesterday's cancelled shoot (which I will hopefully be able to reschedule), and today's half completed shoot (which the photographer very generously did pay me half the agreed fee for, despite my offer not to take it), so all in all it has not been the best couple of days.

I really hate it when fate takes over, and deals you a rotten blow. I hate the feeling of time passing and not being able to control the situation because it is simply out of your hands.
I'm now trying to see the funny side, but at the moment I'm still a bit sore.

On a brighter note, here is a quick pic from a recent shoot near Sheffield with Peter McLean.
Rather fittingly, it looks a bit like I am lost in a moment of prayer, and I have spent the last two days praying for things to turn around.

Anyone else ever had 'one of those days?'

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