Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fashion Nudes

I managed to pick up a last-minute shoot locally to me last Saturday with the very charming Richard Lund. Richard is based just around the corner from where I used to hang out as a teenager, and is a grand total of about 10 minutes away from my home in Chesterfield. He also has a stunning portfolio which combines the look of high fashion with an erotic edge.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Richard, we came up with some great ideas together. His work also took me in a slightly different direction, as in general, I am far more comfortable as an art-nude model. It rarely occurs to me that I can also pull off fashion photography, but Richard's style is a kind of combination of the two, and I found myself really enjoying working in a slightly different area.

I'd describe these images as 'fashion nudes,' and it's a genre I would definitely like to develop more in future. There were hundreds of images from our shoot, but these are just a few to be going on with. (There's even a clothed one).

Images copyright of Richard Lund


  1. you may have seen that fashion does make use of the nude figure, I can think of a couple of spreads in high end fashion mags some of which were discussed by Ann Enke in her wonderful blog
    Indeed something to bear in mind for future work

  2. Just love that second image! so powerful!..great pose.