Thursday, 26 August 2010

A quick update

Well, I've been quiet on my blog recently.
This is mostly because I'm still awaiting some really exciting photos from several shoots. (The anticipation is killing me!).
I've also started writing several things for this blog, including advice for new models, 'the definition of art nude,' and all sorts of rants about various things connected with the industry, but somehow, I have yet to publish the new posts. I always worry that there is no tone of voice when I write, and I don't want to come across as arrogant or irate in black and white, so I often write things and then return to read them later and read between the lines to check that there is no possible way to misinterpret what I've written.

I'm up in Scotland at the moment, mostly visiting friends but hopefully, weather permitting, I will also find the time to hop about in nature, and I might even find a photographer to record the event.

In the meantime, here's a couple of photos from a group shoot in Wolverhampton a few weeks ago. The shoot took place in an amazing location - a disused railway station which had several stunning rooms in varying states of disrepair, some covered with graffiti, and some crumbling gracefully with time. All were absolutely covered in soot and brick dust! I have never been so totally covered in grime in my whole life, but there were several very keen and talented photographers present at the event, as well as some stunning fellow art nude models, so it was worth getting covered in dust for the day. I haven't actually seen many of the images from the shoot (this can happen with group shoots - you meet many wonderful people on the day and never find out their name or where to find them!), but I have managed to round up a couple to show you here.

This one is by 'Steve,' to whom I apologise because I don't even know Steve's last name! However, I found this image on a website and emailed him to ask permission to use it on my blog. So here it is along with a link to Steve's profile on web-models. I think it shows the location to wonderful effect.

And this one is from the 'graffiti room,' where I understand that the design is changed every few weeks by a graffiti artist. This was kindly sent to me by David Lowe, whose name I do know, but where to find him online, I do not. Thanks David!
I uploaded this previously to one of my random uploads, but I think it deserves a proper mention here.
'It's Behind You'
By David Lowe

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