Friday, 29 April 2011

The Colours Of My Life

Today, if you weren't aware, was the Royal Wedding (and if you didn't already know, perhaps you have been hiding under a rock!). I must confess, I am a bit of a Royalist at heart. Having lived abroad for some time made me appreciate the Royals and what they do for the United Kingdom, and I do love a good wedding! Some some good old fashioned romance, combined with a bit of traditional pomp and circumstance. You can't go wrong!

I didn't go to London to watch the affair, but I did enjoy watching it with family on a big TV screen. Not having a TV in my household meant going to visit my father, who does, and who lives surrounded by countryside. Following the nuptials and some strawberries and champagne, I took the dogs for a walk in the neighbouring countryside, and re-discovered some beautiful rural spots I was once familiar with as a child. The flowers and fields have really come to life at this time of year. Best of all, were several areas where bluebells had sprung out in the woods, with a backdrop of bright yellow rapeseed field. You may recall that last year, I shot in both bluebell woods, and in yellow rapeseed, but I have never before been presented with the opportunity to shoot both at the same time.
I dashed back to the house to grab a few choice items of clothing (luckily, I had brought a few with me for just such an occasion), slapped on a bit of makeup and grabbed Dave A Davies with his camera.

I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the great British countryside, with some colourful, dreamy shots to capture the mood of the day. I love this series, and am struggling to pick a favourite, so feel free to comment.

I'll be heading up to Scotland on Sunday for a few weeks of well-deserved rest and play, but with a healthy dose of work thrown in for good measure. I'm really looking forward to my trip, and hope to have more summery shots to share on my return. Let's just hope the weather holds out! I've been blessed with some very productive shoots in good weather lately, so let's hope there are more to come.
The colors of my life
Are bountiful and bold,
The purple glow of indigo,
The gleam of green and gold.
The splendor of the sunrise,
The dazzle of a flame,
The glory of a rainbow,
I'd put 'em all to shame.

(Lyrics from 'Barnum')

Images by and copyright of Dave A Davies


  1. Hey Ros, my fave is the second on the page, such beautiful light, lovely written post :-) I'm in Edinburgh this Thurs-Mon... where will you be?


  2. No 6 for me, I just know that look at camera, and it is just so you ! absolutely beautiful, and no nekkidness in sight VERY STRANGE !

    Have a fab time in Scotland

  3. Pretty! I think I like 1, 4 & 5 the best. :-)

  4. Very Beautiful and stunning images!