Monday, 4 April 2011

Back to Reality

Well, I am back from Europe! I enjoyed the tour, particularly some of the fabulous venues I got to sing in. Although I didn't get much time for socializing or behaving like a tourist, I did get to see some of the wonderful scenery of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. I had never visited Austria or Switzerland prior to this tour, and I was very impressed by the beauty of the scenery in both countries - both of which I would very much like to visit again! I was also (as always) extremely impressed by the pizza in Italy. ;-) (I love Italian food!)

(One of my photos of the view from my hotel window in Switzerland.)

I'm now back for the foreseeable future, and although there are the odd gigs scattered here and there, (including one in Bruges in a couple of weeks time), I'm basically back for good and looking for modelling work. I'm planning a trip to Scotland in May. I will definitely be travelling as far as Banffshire, and hopefully as far as the Highlands, so I am also happy to stop anywhere on route, either on the way up or on the way back. I always enjoy my visits to Scotland.

I'd also like to visit the South coast this year, so am looking for photographers in that area so I can hopefully arrange a tour and work with several people at once. There are several photographers in Bournemouth, Brighton, Southampton and Somerset (amongst others) I would like to work with, but it is quite a lengthy and expensive journey from Chesterfield, so I would like to combine a number of visits into one trip with slightly less travelling in between shoots.

I'm also hoping to pick up more work throughout the remainder of April, and am happy to consider offers from photographers local(ish) to Chesterfield. I am also happy to travel anywhere within about 3 hours drive (anywhere I can visit on a day trip), but I would need a little more forward planning to visit further afield.

These are some more images taken by Richard Lund a couple of weeks ago. Richard has launched a new website at where you can view more of his work.
Modelling images by and copyright of Richard Lund.
Landscape image by and copyright of ERosanne.

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