Monday, 9 May 2011

La Señorita Roja

Hello folks! I'm currently enjoying the wilds of Scotland. I have a broken mobile phone, an intermittent WIFI connection (dodgy at best), and a hole in my car radiator. Despite this, I think my communication difficulties have probably done me a favour, as it's all too easy to live vicariously through technology, and this way I have a proper break from everything, including the need to be permanently attached to my phone! I am still contactable while away, but may be delayed responding to email or phone calls. It's a 'working holiday' so although I'm enjoying some time out, I'm also enjoying some fantastic shoots here in Scotland. I'll catch up again soon with an update and some new images.

Meanwhile, this is a photo from a shoot not too far from home in Derbyshire, taken by Tony Else.

Image by and copyright of Tony Else.

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