Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mother Earth

'Cracked Earth'
Image by and copyright of Alex Ingram

Hello again, and greetings from Scotland! Here's a quick update featuring some recent images inspired by nature.

Above is a preview image from my recent trip to the Highlands to work with Alex Ingram. Alex lives in a truly beautiful part of the world, where every direction you look in is a picture postcard. I had a lovely, relaxing time staying with Alex for a few days, away from the noise of traffic or general stresses of life. We also had a productive time shooting, and I am pleased with some lovely shots featuring the beautiful Scottish landscape. There are more to come, but here's just one for now.

'Mother Earth'
Image by and copyright of GlobalEye

This image was taken very recently, before I headed up to Scotland. I worked with Chris of Global Eye images for a day close to my own home. We shot several locations including a derelict farm house, an abandoned stately home, a good old rape seed field and a more remote part of the Peak District. (You can find more images from our day's shooting on Chris' Purestorm profile, linked above). The above image was taken in a natural stone crater, carved into one of the huge rocks of the Peak District. Presumably it was formed millions of years ago when the whole area was under water from melting glaciers. There is something so awesome about nature, forging a lasting reminder of its power; so unrelenting and ferocious that the water carved this huge cleft into an apparently solid stone.

'Nature's Seed'
Image by and copyright of David Porter

Lastly, this is an image taken from a studio day at Elgin Studios. I worked with several photographers on the day, and had taken this rather unusual prop with me to shoot. It was found by the loch side, while visiting Alex in the Highlands, and appears to be some sort of withered tree/branch with dried seed pods. It is around 6 feet tall, but I liked the look of it and insisted on bringing it with me! It was fun to work with, and certainly an unusual accessory.

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