Monday, 14 March 2011

Lure of the Spotlight!

If you follow my blog, you will be pleased to hear that I made it safely to Europe without diverting any planes this time around!

I'm enjoying the remainder of the European tour, and have loved performing in some amazing venues, including (my favourites) Salzburg Arena (no less) and Graz. I've travelled through Germany and Austria, and am now in Italy. I had never been to Austria before, and it is absolutely stunning! I have fallen a bit in love with the country, and would very much like to visit again (Austrian photographers, are you taking the hint?). The scenery is just beautiful, and there are some gorgeous little towns with lots of fantastic shops and taverns I wish I had more time to explore. The danger of intensive touring is that sometimes I see little more of each city than the inside of a hotel room, and the backstage area (and the view out of a van window), but I do make the effort to get out and see more of the city whenever time allows, and I like to take my camera out with me and do a little photography of my own. Germany and Italy also have their charm (I have visited various places in Italy many times, and Germany a few years ago) and I do love travelling - I don't think the wanderlust will ever leave me. I feel very privileged to have a career that allows me to travel, and I hope my work (whether singing or modelling) allows me to keep on visiting new places for many years to come.

(One of my photos of Austria).

I will be back from this tour on 27th March and will be available for modelling work work once again. I recently received these images back from a fairly recent shoot with Chris Holmes of They were shot in my small flat in St Albans, which is not really an appropriate location for photo shoots. However, we made the most of the limited space and light for a quick shoot using a small portable light (I'm afraid I don't know the technical photography term for this form of lighting, but it was not the usual portable studio flash). These images remind me rather of a spotlight effect - which seemed rather appropriate, as I am once again performing on stage (another case of my worlds colliding).

Modelling images by and copyright of Chris Holmes.
Lanscape image by and copyright of ERosanne.

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  1. Wow, love the first image (hair looks great!) & nice shot of Austria too! Glad it's going well.