Monday, 15 November 2010

Hallam Mill

Last week I was fortunate to pick up a last minute shoot with David Atkinson, at Hallam Mill Studios in Stockport. I'd communicated with David in the past, as I admire his work and hoped to shoot together, but he had already planned and booked shoots until the end of the year. When David had a cancellation at the last minute (literally), I was lucky to be sitting in front of my computer at the time and I read his casting for a replacement model. It worked out well in the end, as I was keen to shoot together, and had wanted to visit Hallam Mill Studios, which I had heard plenty about. (One of my favourite art nude photos was taken there).
The following morning I hopped on a train to Stockport and we had a really great day working together in this fantastic location. We alternated between natural light (whenever the sun was shining in through the windows) and studio light (when it wasn't), and shot lots of sets using various areas and props throughout the venue. Hallam Mill Studios will definitely be going on to my list of recommended studios, as I was very impressed by the amount of space and facilities there.
David was a real pleasure to work with, and I am very pleased with these photos from our day together. It saddens me that so many models cancel at the last minute (it gives us all a bad name), but on the other hand, since I am often available at short notice (I tend not to book my time too far in advance), their loss is often my gain!

Images by and copyright of David Atkinson.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Congratulations to you both

  2. 3 beautiful! I love it!