Monday, 15 November 2010

A short note

This is just a short note to say that I set this blog up to find like-minded artists, who can appreciate the beauty of the human form. Please don't confuse the fact that I often express myself through the medium of art nude, with exhibitionism. There are plenty of websites on the internet for those who simply want to display their own genitals.

I have a stat-counter on this blog, so I know how my watchers find my work. It saddens me slightly to discover that I am linked via several websites that I would consider to be less than tasteful. I am aware that I can't dictate how and where my work is associated. I'm also aware that I can't influence how it is perceived in the mind of the viewer, and I can't define for you what is 'good taste.' However, I can assure you that my intention has always been to create art, not to provide sexual stimulation.

I have no wish to be associated with websites or material that is solely intended to titillate. Even my work that I myself have defined as 'erotic' is intended to stimulate the mind. There is a difference between 'intellectual erotica,' and pornography which leaves nothing to the imagination (this is intended to stimulate other parts of the anatomy).

Inevitably, there will always be those who associate nudity with sex. Partly this is because we live in a society that only ever depicts nudity in a sexual context. The internet is an open forum, and I can't decide who is worthy of viewing my work, and who isn't. I have no control over what you think when you look at images of me naked. I can tell you what my intention was when I created those images, but I can't force you to agree with me.

I can however control certain aspects of the appearance of this blog, and who is openly associated with it. I can and will block anyone who follows me and is clearly only seeking sexual gratification from these images. It's surprisingly easy to tell. If your avatar is nothing more than an image of your (or someone else's) genitals, don't expect to be featured in my list of followers for very long. Accumulating large numbers of followers does not motivate me. Creating tasteful artwork does.

There. Rant over.

Many thanks to those of you who follow me for the right reasons, and share my view on these points. Apologies to those who are reading this, to whom the rant does not apply. (The irony being, that those who should be reading it, have already scrolled past these words to the nude photos).


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