Monday, 8 November 2010

Local Locations - Catching Up

Well folks, it has been a while since I blogged. Apologies for the delay - I have all sorts of updates, but somehow I seem to have fallen behind on communications in general at the moment, and it takes a lot of effort to get my act in gear again.

I was also immensely proud of the last few updates on this blog, and I really liked the way the front page looked with those particular images on it. I got so attached to those blog entries, that it seemed a shame to mess with it, so I left it that way for a while. However, that really isn't a terribly productive way to keep folks updated with my latest work, so I will endeavour to catch up again over the next few days!

I have been very busy, working every weekend (either modelling or singing) and have done a lot of travelling over the last few weeks. I've mostly been working seven days a week, often away from home or without internet access, so my apologies to those who were/are expecting a reply from me. I am very good at keeping up with arrangements once a booking is made. I am less good at keeping up with email tennis. I have emails directly, and emails via several websites - many of which it is necessary to be signed in to read and reply to emails. For this reason, when I'm working away from home, I struggle to keep up with everything via my Android phone, with a screen of about 3 inches across. Typing on a phone keyboard is more time consuming, and you can't have more than one browser window open at a time for cross-referencing. My usual system of setting time aside each week to catch up hasn't been working lately (because I haven't got the time to set aside), so anyway. Blah. Excuses over. Sorry about that.

These photos are from a shoot I did on one of the few sunny days over the summer, in two superb locations about 5 miles away from my home. One is a stately home, and the other is an abandoned farm house, just around the corner. Both locations are stunning to shoot in, and were introduced to me by Mick (MGF Photographics), who is local to the area and a real pleasure to work with.

I am so privileged to have such wonderful locations so close to home, and I hope to shoot in them again in future (and if not shoot there, they would also make a wonderful place to have a picnic, or just a wander!).

Many thanks to Mick, who was kind enough to send me a CD with all the images from this shoot. Here are a few selected images, most of which I've converted to black and white/sepia, because the venue just seemed to lend itself to monochrome.

Images by and copyright of MGF Photographics


  1. It's Sutton Scarsdale, isn't it? Haven't shot there in a while.

  2. Sure is!
    Fabulous location (although it's wise to take an extra person to be on the lookout for dog walkers, if doing nudes there).