Monday, 11 November 2013

Raw Self Portraits

I know, I know. It has been an age! I made this blog private, mistakenly believing that those who were already following it would still be able to do so. It turns out, it really is by invitation only, so I have temporarily made it public again. However, if you wish to continue to follow me, please let me know your email address so I can send you an invite - the chances are I will make this private again in the near future.

I have continued modelling over the past couple of years, but really only as a means of artistic expression. I haven't bothered to keep my portfolios updated or trawl for work, and I haven't had anything digital to show for myself.

However, this week I was on tour (singing) in Europe, and was staying in the above hotel in Zurich, when I suddenly noticed how nice the light was... And I was struck with an urge to take some self-portraits in the last few minutes before I was due to check out of the hotel. These are very much a case of 'what you see is what you get,' as I didn't have time to rearrange furniture, or even to wait for the marks from my clothing to disappear. They are shot using available light, on a timer, in the space of about ten minutes. I'm aware the composition and settings could be better - as could the post-processing (I could photoshop out the marks from my clothing and the odd bruise). But these are pretty much raw, with a little cropping and tweaking to levels.

If you see anything you like here, please do let me know! Or while you're at it, just say hi. I can't quite decide between colour and monochrome (except for the last couple of images where I think monochrome works best), and I'm not sure if these are portfolio-worthy, but I thought it was about time I uploaded *something.*

Most of the links on this blog are now dead, but you can still contact me via if you are so inclined (I also have an active, although outdated, portfolio on Purple Port). I will get around to tidying up the links and so on eventually.


  1. Welcome back, Those shots in the hotel are excellent, and like you said 'the lighting is lovely.
    If you are planning to go private again then I'd like an invite

  2. Great to see you again. Do keep me invited.

  3. Great to see you again. Do invite me.

  4. Great to see you again. Do keep me invited.

  5. I have a particular interest in self portraiture as a means of self expression. There is a purity in it because everything is unadulterated by another's influence. Working with others is usually great but when you have no need to depend on others you only have yourself to blame :)
    There are some lovely creations here; I particularly like the penultimate image.

  6. Good to see you back, my personal preference is the third image, but that's more to do with the shape than the tone.....

  7. sometimes the simple efforts produce outstanding results