Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Back of the Bump!

Above images added retrospectively,
from a wonderful Peak District shoot with Matz Brabus

As promised, these are the last of my pregnancy images, a little later than anticipated! There are many different looks, feels and styles portrayed here by various photographers, so I won't ramble on, I will just upload them. Each set is credited to the photographer. I have to confess, I was not sorry to see the back of the bump!

 Above images by Dave Ayerst Davies

Images by PWP Images

 Image by Jeremy Howitt

 Image by Dave Collier

And lastly, a photograph of my son as a newborn. Taken by Dave Ayerst Davies, and edited by me.
(BUT IT DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT, CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY THIS IMAGE IS DISTORTED? The original does not look like this, and I have taken 'auto-enhance' off the upload, as far as I can tell. This image appears as the original when I edit this blog post, but is distorted once published. Any help appreciated! Argh!)


  1. Simply sublime images, you look every inch a fertility goddess!

  2. you are a gorgeous, beautiful, and erotic mom...congratulations again