Monday, 21 November 2011

Winter Baby

I had another shoot with Richard Lund on Saturday, something of a last-minute arrangement. I was planning to go to London for the weekend, but unfortunately, my car failed its MOT and is currently off the road, which ruled out my London trip. Richard, however, is a local photographer I have worked with many times (scroll through previous entries on this blog for some of our shoots together), and he kindly offered to pick me up and take me to the shoot so that my weekend wasn't entirely wasted. I had a rather off-the-wall concept in mind for this set, although no specific idea of how to shoot it.

It was a relief to me when Richard came to collect me and I appeared in my doorway carrying a Christmas wreath and a 6ft dried tree branch, and Richard didn't bat an eyelid... or worse, immediately accuse me of having lost my mind! In fact, there were no questions asked (he knows me too well, by now!). I had previously purchased the wreath when I saw it in a shop and had an overwhelming desire to put it on my head (as you do). I later thought about combining it with my Scottish 'tree' (brought all the way back from the Highlands) and some wintry makeup. I even had a title for this concept in mind ('Winter Baby') and figured that my growing bump would add to the effect.

I love how these photos turned out! I had no specific idea how we would set up the lighting or composition, but I think Richard did a wonderful job of capturing this, and I really like the wintry feel of these. There are more images to come from our shoot, which I will post later, but I couldn't resist sharing these now, along with a 'bump fashion' image taken earlier in the shoot. I like the strong attitude expressed in this, which is a little different to the 'usual' maternity photos. Keep an eye out for more photos from Richard and I, coming soon...

Images by and copyright of Richard Lund

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