Friday, 18 November 2011


I don't really think this set of images requires too much explanation, so I will largely let them speak for themselves. This set is by Chris Rout, with whom I have worked many times. Chris is a renowned commercial photographer, so these images have a clean, commercial feel about them.

My bump seems to have sprung out of nowhere in the last couple of weeks. I had a very subtle baby bump until about 6 1/2 months, and it wasn't immediately obvious if I was pregnant or not. Suddenly in the space of about two weeks, it has appeared out of nowhere, and is now very much in evidence at seven months! I have some more shoots booked in the next few weeks, including some very imaginative and creative ideas that I can't wait to shoot! I look forward to sharing the finished product fairly soon.

I have also been shooting throughout my pregnancy with a local photographer. We worked together every couple of weeks throughout the summer, in various outdoor woodland locations, and have created a lovely, artistic series which is destined for an exhibition some time next year. We will continue to shoot throughout the winter (though probably indoors) but those images won't be released online until next year, when hopefully the exhibition will get some publicity.

I will hopefully be shooting maternity images until the new year (as long as baby doesn't show up early!). I'm happy to travel within the UK and I have some unique ideas up my sleeve for photos featuring my bump. The baby is due in mid January, but I think I will probably stop shooting maternity images after the new year, otherwise it's cutting it a bit fine! Hopefully in spring 2012, I will return to modelling, but on a more casual basis. Meanwhile, I'll be back soon with some more 'blossoming' photos.

Who knew there were so many ways of wearing a little black dress, eh? Even when sporting a bump! (This is my favourite maternity outfit, in all of its versions. I like flaunting the bump). Images by and copyright of Chris Rout.

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  1. your maternity nudes are incredible, you look very radiant! well done