Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Year In The Life...

As 2010 draws to a close, it strikes me that this blog now represents a year in the life of ERosanne, depicted in photos.

Taken at Barlow Studios by Andrew Scott

As a model, it has been a wonderful year. On a personal level (without going into details), it has been full of challenges, and there have been times when it has been difficult to remain positive. However, I have drawn solace from some wonderfully creative shoots, from looking back over the work I have produced over the past twelve months, and from writing this blog - which I have found therapeutic. I turned 30 almost exactly a year ago, and had all the usual doubts about ageing that a significant birthday always brings about. I almost considered quitting modelling, but I am relieved that I didn't as this year it has proved more rewarding than ever. I would even go so far as to say that I have produced some of my best work yet in the new decade.
Some of my favourite images from 2010 are represented in the slideshow featured on this blog (a varied selection of images that lend themselves to thumbnails).

At a local landmark, by Jack Webster

I am immensely proud of all the shoots I've done, extremely grateful to the wonderful photographers who have booked me and collaborated with me, and I have made some friendships along the way - both virtual friends and real ones.

Image and manipulation by June D
(I didn't even realise this one was me until it was pointed out to me!)

I have made some decisions regarding my career next year, and I will be taking modelling bookings further in advance, travelling more in 2011, and (with any luck) focussing more on furthering my modelling career. I also have some exciting ideas for collaborations and artistic ventures which I look forward to sharing with like-minded creatives in the near future... (watch this space).

These photos are a few extras from shoots throughout the year that I have yet to upload. I've also had a busy few days shooting, and may well have more to upload before the year is out.

I still have another shoot planned tomorrow, New Year's Eve no less. So the year isn't over yet, in terms of modelling work. I'm looking forward to some very exciting shoots planned for 2011, and hopefully, another creative year of blog updates for ERosanne.

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