Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Real Me

I've often spoken of my tendency to refer to 'ERosanne' in the third person. Although my modelling persona is a part of who I am, and I have the ability to 'be a model' in front of the lens, I am definitely not 'a model' when I am walking down the street or in my every day life.
Occasionally, I see an image of myself in which I recognise 'the real me,' as opposed to 'ERosanne: the model.'

Above images by and coyright of Back2Basics

On Sunday, I took part in a group shoot at Smile Studios in Lincoln, arranged by 2KingStreet. It was a lovely day, and despite incredibly intense heat, there was a very pleasant working atmosphere. All the photographers who attended were great to work with, and it was a very fun day.
Afterwards I was sent the following images by a couple of the photographers I worked with, and I just think there's something so relaxed and natural about them. In these images, I see 'Ros' more than 'ERosanne,' and for that reason, I really like them. (There are more images to come from this event, but I thought I'd share these now).

Images by and copyright of Nick Tsiatinis

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  1. you always take such fabulous pictures, I love your work