Friday, 28 January 2011

European Tour

This is just a quick note for those who follow my blog.
I have had a busy start to 2011 and have had several shoots, all of which have been great fun! I'm afraid I have no new photos to share at the moment, because I haven't received them back yet, but I will be sure to keep this blog up to date as and when I receive new images.

Meanwhile, in my other life as a singer, there have also been exciting developments (ironic really, as I had resigned myself to taking some time off show-business to focus on my modelling). I have been offered a lead role, touring Europe, and I leave to fly to Germany in the morning! This is a fantastic opportunity, too good for me to pass up. The first leg of the tour lasts until the end of March, and I'm not entirely sure of my schedule after that. I don't plan on giving up modelling, not by any means! But I will obviously be unavailable in the UK for at least a couple of months, and will update as soon as I know more about my plans after that.

I will mostly be touring Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy (other countries are also a possibility, but unconfirmed as yet). I would love to fit in some modelling whilst I am on tour, so if you happen to be a photographer in any of the countries mentioned reading this, please get in touch and I will let you know my tour schedule.

Many thanks for the support of those who read this and keep in touch. Apologies to those who had made enquiries over the next couple of months. Welcome to my world! I will keep in touch, and hope that we can arrange something later in the year.


  1. Ever planning to come to the States? :)

  2. Not at the moment, I'm afraid!
    It's also very difficult to get permission to work in the US.
    I do have friends in the States, and have (at various times in my life) lived in New York and Colorado, so if I ever visit in future, I'll shout!